We strongly encourage reseach groups to submit data for us to share with the community of researchers working on transcriptional regulation. The submission form below is a simple make-do until we have a more comprehensive system in place.

For inclusion in the JASPAR database, we can accept either

1 suggestions for high-quality experimental models derived from published experimental papers, for inclusion in JASPAR CORE

2 whole datasets of models derived by other means (for instance data mining or chromatin IP), to form an additional sub-database in the JASPAR repository

In both cases, the data will be subject to internal review before we commit it to the database. To make this process as smooth as possible, please submit the information below



The JASPAR CORE database contains a curated, non-redundant set of profiles from published articles. All profiles are derived from published collections of experimentally defined transcription factor binding sites for multicellular eukaryotes. The database represents a curated collection of target sequences. The binding sites were determined either in SELEX experiments, or by the collection of data from the experimentally determined binding regions of actual regulatory regions; this distinction is clearly marked in the profiles' annotation. As far as possible, the collection is non-redundant (several models describing one transcription factor). The prime difference to similar resources (TRANSFAC, TESS etc) consist of the open data acess, non-redundancy and quality: JASPAR CORE is a smaller set that is non-redundant and curated.
Any new additions have to adhere to these strict criteria, there fore, please make sure to go through the following checklist:

Is the transcription factor already described by JASPAR CORE?. If so, why is this suggestion better?

Is the sites described in published scientific papers? Only published sites will be used.

Do you judge the publication above to be of high quality?

Are the sites retrievable either from publication or genome sequence

Are there enough sites? (10 or more is acceptable) Please fill in the box below. Do not forget to add contact name and email adress

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Scope: It is beneficial to have access to other data sets that are not fully compatible with the JASPAR CORE goal; for instance sites that have been discovered by datamining. The critera for inclusion is less strict than for JASPAR CORE; on the other hand, it is necessary to submit a detailed description of the dataset: generation, extent and recommended use. Please describe your dataset in detail, if possible with references.

enctype="multipart/form-data" > Please attach the dataset(preferrably zipped). Please describe the format in detail in the text area above.